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About TelePortraits™

TelePortraits™ is the motion picture version of portrait photography, a portrait that captures the expressions, gestures, voice, thoughts and stories of people for the present and the future.

Professional videographers record a standardized interview developed by professional journalists that covers a person's memories, thoughts, ideas, and history.

Customers may choose any location for the portrait. We recommend a quiet location that reflects the person's life, like a home or office. Alternatively, customers may choose the photographer's studio if available.

Please take a look at the available packages. If you're interested in a portrait of your company CEO, President, department, or workgroup, Corporate TelePortraits™ are also available.

Company Information

TelePortraits™ was launched in July 2003.

P.O. Box 49456
Charlotte, NC 28277
Tel. 704.541.6250

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